Top KPI's To Track

Do you have any idea what exactly makes your company’s marketing a success? What’s going on behind the scenes that could aid to the reason your company is doing great- or not so great?

To understand why your marketing efforts are working and are not working it is important to look at KPIs, Key Performance Indicators. By tracking the right KPIs, your company will be able to make adjustments to reach your business objectives and goals.

Sales Revenue

When it comes down to it, the BEST way to rank your marketing success is by measuring its growth in sales revenue. Measuring your marketing effect on sales growth is vital to decide how marketing does and does not drive sales. It allows you to break down the things that are pointing you to success and the things that need a little TLC to help get you there.

It’s important to look at the sales revenue with employees and team members as well. This helps everyone aim and work toward the same goals.


Like the gasoline that drives your car, it’s leads that drive your sales. It’s easy. The more leads you have the more opportunities you have to raise that sales revenue.

Website traffic to website lead ratio -

Knowing whether your traffic is coming organic, social media, direct or from referrals is very important. If your traffic is steady or increasing, but your leads are not, that’s a sure sign that something is missing on your site that’s causing people to act toward initial contact.

Lead to customer ratio -

Basically this is your sale team’s close ratio. How many end up closing and becoming a customer? What can you do to improve it?

Organic Traffic

The goal of any business online is to have most of their traffic come from organic search. A high organic traffic means that people are finding your site on their own. Meaning it’s taking less time and money on your part.

To increase organic traffic, be sure to key into your SEO strategy to refine it as Google's algorithms change regularly.


An ROI (return on investment) is definitely one of the most commonly tracked KPIs in marketing. It allows an in-depth, data-backed picture of where and how your marketing dollars are spent. It creates a correlation from where your money’s spent and how many leads and clients you’ve reaped as a result.

Tracking your marketing KPIs can help validate everything you do in the marketing world. The line between successfully making it or crucially breaking it in the marketing world is very fine. Find your marketing failures and fix them. Find your marketing successes and keep them going.

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